Información para las familias hispanohablantes sobre el programaESL/bilingue


    Classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education are established to assist English Language Learners (ELLs) acquire English as a second language while gaining content knowledge to meet graduation requirements in the content areas. Students with this designation have scored below the minimum cutoff established by the state of New Jersey on a state approved English language proficiency assessment instrument. Annual standardized tests approved by the State of New Jersey monitor student progress, and help to determine how they advance through the program.

    English as a Second Language K-5 (ESL)

    English as a Second Language K-5

    E.S.L. is an intensive English program for those students whose first language is a language other than English and whose proficiency in English indicates that they are still learning English as a second language. Students in this program are part of a mainstream classroom throughout the day, and receive additional instruction from an E.S.L. specialist either in a small group setting or within their mainstream classroom. Instruction in this program is in English only. Instruction focuses on the concepts and language needed to succeed in the regular academic program.

    English as a Second Language 6-12

    In Grades 6-12, there are four levels of the ESL program ranging from Port of Entry I (pre-beginner) to ESL II (advanced). The Port of Entry I class is a newcomer class especially set up to address the needs of students with limited literacy in their native language and / or limited or interrupted formal education in their native countries. Content area material is integrated into the English language instruction in all ESL classes. Language arts literacy graduation requirements are satisfied through the ESL classes.

    Bilingual/E.S.L. Education

    Bilingual Education K-5

    This program is for those students who speak Spanish as their first language and whose proficiency in English indicates that they are still learning English as a second language. Students and teachers in this program use Spanish and English to develop the content concepts as well as the academic language needed to engage the content. Although instruction is in both languages, the goal of this program is that students will become more proficient in English and transition from a bilingual environment to a mainstream classroom. Students receive daily ESL instruction in addition to bilingual classes. This program is typically recommended for students who are at beginning levels of English proficiency. Students who participate in the Bilingual/ESL Program in Grades 3-5 are assigned to Normandy Park School.


    Normandy Park Multiage Bilingual/ESL Education (K-5)

    Normandy Park School follows the same ESL and Bilingual/ESL Education programs as the other K-2 and 3-5 schools in our district, except that students in grades K-1, 2-3 and 4-5 are grouped together for a two-year seamless multiage experience. Bilingual classes in grades 3-5 in the Morris School District are only offered at Normandy Park School.

    Bilingual Education 6-12

    Classes in Bilingual Education are offered in the areas of science, mathematics and social studies. Teachers, who are fluent in both English and the students’ native language, deliver the courses in English but supplement instruction in the native language as needed or as part of differentiated instruction. There are five mathematics classes including pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, geometry and math workshop. Social studies classes include both levels of U.S. history as well as world history. Classes in science include geophysical systems, environmental science and biology to meet the life, earth and physical science requirements for graduation.

    Support Classes 6-12

    There are a variety of classes which are not part of the program but support the education of students serviced by ESL / Bilingual Education. For example, Spanish for Native Speakers and English Communication Skills. The Spanish for Native Speakers builds on the student’s native communication skills in Spanish and continues into an advanced grammar and literature based curriculum. The communication course is designed to ease the transition from ESL to mainstream English classes for those students who have achieved the state level of proficiency for English language proficiency and are ready to exit ESL.