Non-Public School Support Services 


    Students ages 5-21 who are placed by their parents in nonpublic schools may be referred for Child Study Team evaluations through their schools. The district in which a private school is located, not the district in which the parent resides, is responsible for the Child Study Team evaluation. 
    The Morris School District contracts with a private agency for all evaluation services to students attending the nonpublic schools located within its boundaries. In order to initiate a referral:

    1.      The non-public school submits a state form (407-1) to the Pupil Services Department at 31 Hazel

    Street, Morristown, NJ 07960

    2.      After approval by the Superintendent, the form is sent to the agency, which:

    • Contacts the parent to obtain parental permission
    • Conducts the evaluations
    • Determines eligibility for services
    • Develops an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

    The District contracts with a public agency for speech and supplemental education services for classified students placed by parents in nonpublic schools.