• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Our report cards were developed during the 2016-2017 school year by the Morris School District K-5 Assessment Team with feedback from K-5 teachers and parents.

    K-5 Standards-Based Report Cards

    Our standards-based report cards are based on the most recent New Jersey Student Learning Standards and are designed to provide you with clear and specific information about your child’s academic progress and the development of behaviors that support lifelong learning. The New Jersey Student Learning Standards establish challenging performance expectations for all students.  They describe what students should know and be able to do, and serve as the basis for the Morris School District’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment models. This reporting system allows parents and students to understand more clearly what is expected at each grade level.  With this understanding, parents and teachers will be better able to guide and support students and help them to be successful in a rigorous academic program.

    K-5 Report Card Parent Guidebook

    We have created a parent guidebook which includes frequently asked questions with answers, an explanation of progress indicators, clarification and explanations of some of the language found in the standards, and what parents can do to help their children succeed. This guidebook is posted on the Morris School District website in this section and on your child’s school website.

    Parents will continue to have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher for conferences in November/December and March/April every school year and report cards will be sent home in February and June. We appreciate your active engagement in our schools and in the Morris School District community of learners. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with questions related to your child’s progress in school. For more general questions, comments, and concerns about the new standards-based report cards, please contact your school’s principal or contact me directly.

    Josephine Noone

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction


    973-292-2300 x2191