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Morris School District 

Transportation Department 

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Most children start and end their school day on a big yellow bus.  Riding with their classmates, neighbors or friends is usually a pleasant experience.  The bus ride is a safe harbor that transitions children from a home environment to a school environment and back.  School buses provide a safe and reliable service offered by the school district.

Most routes provided are on district owned vehicles driven by district employees.   Some routes are contracted out to vendors. These decisions are made to make the department as cost efficient as possible.  While we cannot provide the level of service of a cab company, we strive to provide the highest level of service possible.  

It is our goal to keep the fleet of buses maintained, drivers trained and to arrive at the stops on time.  However, as you may guess, this is not always possible. Weather, breakdowns, construction and traffic all work to disrupt our best intentions.  We ask that families be patient with us as we make daily adjustments to keep the schedule.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns and we will endeavor to exceed your expectations. 

The Principles That Guide Us

Safety First - for our students, ourselves and others

Reliability - because others count on us to meet their needs

Efficiency - to provide cost effective operations with quality

Respect - to show respect for ourselves, our customers and one another

Trust - to make it safe to share anything that impacts safety, reliability, or efficiency with those who need to know

Teamwork - supporting one another and pulling together to achieve a common goal

Excellence - to be regarded by knowledgeable observers as being among the very best in what we do