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Safety and Operations

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Morris School District’s Safety & Security Team is to enhance the quality of life in the school system by providing a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning, and is consistent with the educational goals of this diverse district, while building community partnerships that foster trust, mutual respect and cooperation.


The safety of the school environment is the top priority of the Morris School District. We continually review and update our safety procedures and ensure the coordination of our efforts through our partnership with local officials. School administrators and crisis team officials from across the District meet throughout the year to review procedures and make additional preparations in the event an emergency situation warrants.

In the event of an emergency...

In the unlikely event of an emergency situation involving your child’s school, school administrators will take the necessary precautions and will communicate closely with police, fire, and health departments to ensure the safety of students and staff. Please try to avoid calling the school as this will tie up emergency telephone lines. Additionally, it is requested that parents refrain from coming to the school as this can interfere with emergency personnel and equipment. You will receive information from the sources listed above on the place and time you can reunite with your children. 

Please remember your cooperation and assistance is vital to the success of the plan.     

FAQs about School Security Drills

Question: What are school security drills?

Answer: School security drills are an exercise, other than a fire drill, to practice procedures that respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, lockdown, or active shooter situation and that is similar in duration to a fire drill.

 Question: How many drills are required per academic year? 

Answer: As of November 1, 2009, every school in New Jersey is required to hold at least one fire drill and one school security drill each month during school hours, including any summer months when school is open for instructional programs.

Question: What types of drills are required? 

Answer: During the academic year schools are required to hold a minimum of two of each of the following security drills: Active Shooter; Evacuation (non-fire); Bomb Threat; and Shelter-in-Place. 

Question: What other types of school security drills can be held? 

Answer: The following are examples of other security drills that schools can hold: Reverse Evacuation; Evacuation to Relocation Site; Testing of School Notification System and Procedures; Testing of School's Communication System and Procedures; Tabletop Exercise; and Full Scale Exercise.

District Manager of Safety and Operations

Mr. Richard Ferrone


973-292-2300 ext. 2079