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Purpose: The Department of Pupil Services is focusing on communication this year.  One of the department’s goal is to ensure that the community and staff members have multiple opportunities for open, two-way communications with all stakeholders to foster trusting partnerships in our mission to deliver exceptional programs.  Therefore, one form of communication will be our quarterly update named “Pupil Services Progress Report”.  The intention of these updates are to provide families with upcoming important dates, highlights that are happening within our department, resources for our families and feedback opportunities. Another form of our communication will be reporting out our SEPAG meeting minutes.  

2020 Pupil Services Quarterly Report, Volume III

SEPAG Presentation- IEP Panel Discussion: Calm Your Fears

2020 Pupil Services Quarterly Report, Volume II

SEPAG Executive Board February 3, 2021

2021 Special Education Transition Presentations

2020 Pupil Services Quarterly Report,Volume I

SEPAG Executive Board November 11 2020

SEPAG Executive Meeting 10/7/2020

SEPAG Executive Meeting 9/15/2020

Virtual Learning Plan from Pupil Services

Pupil Services Quarterly Progress Report Volume II

Special Education Transition Presentations

SEPAG Executive Board Inaugural Meeting Agenda

SEPAG Information from 11/21/19

Pupil Services Quarterly Progress Report Volume I