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Pupil Services

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Pupil Services

Mission Statement: The Department of Pupil Services is committed to the academic, social, and emotional success of all students in order to prepare them for independent living, employment, and/or college readiness. Students with disabilities will be placed in the least restrictive environment to the maximum extent possible with the goal that every student will learn the NJ Student Learning Standards.

Vision Statement: We are committed to providing every student with an individualized program that applies best practices in education so that students will feel safe, supported, and secure. In-class support options through innovative co-teaching practices for students will be available in each school. All students are valued members of our community with equal opportunities for meaningful participation in extracurricular activities. We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary partnerships that bring together team members across departments including the Child Study Team, related service providers, teachers, school counselors, health service providers, the administration, outside agencies, and families who will support each student in reaching their highest academic, social, and emotional potential. 


Kids to Kids is a non-profit organization for high school students located in Morristown. The group offers high school peer mentors to assist students with special needs during a variety of activities in the areas of swimming and art. 

Be sure to check out our Transition Skills Facebook page and our Special Education Parent Group (SEPAG) Facebook page. 

The Pupil Services Administrative Team

Our Pupil Services Administrative Team

Danae Heywood, Special Ed Supervisor PreK-5; Marc Gold, Director of Pupil Services; Rori Benson, Special Ed Supervisor 6-12.