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    September 2017 

    Suuperintendent Pendergrast

     Last year, Mr. Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote an op-ed describing how technology, globalization,  and the environment are converging to create massive acceleration of change and, along with it, considerable  anxiety and uncertainty throughout the world.  As parents and educators, this “certainty gap” may widen as the  knowledge-based economy continues to emerge in new forms and, consequently, educational systems are forced  to redesign their approach so that students are properly prepared for a constantly shifting future. 

     As we state in our strategic vision, titled The Way Forward, “the Morris School District strives to be on the nexus  of transformative instructional practices and re-imagined learning environments through curating innovative practices, leveraging progressive technology systems, developing new partnerships, and embracing a growth mindset”.    

    To this end, the Morris School District was recently selected as a member of Digital Promise’s League of Innovative Schools – one of 19 school districts chosen in the United States.  This national network will assist us in exploring effective new programs and practices, especially in the areas of STEM and Personalized Learning.  Along with being a part of this forward-thinking organization, last year the Morris School District was also accepted into the “Innovate NJ Community” – a group of progressive NJ school districts who collaborate on effective instructional practices.  The Morris School District’s innovative and open-minded approach was highlighted in the fall edition of NJ Monthly in an article titled “Finding the Right Blend” 

    While we prize the development of a progressive agenda, the Morris School District remains committed to those traditional values that are the hallmark of successful individuals and communities: developing a disciplined work ethic, fostering strong moral character, living a balanced life and seeing one’s connection and responsibilities to the world.  The cultivation of these attributes will empower our students to live valuable and dignified lives.  

    Moreover, the Morris School District believes that a healthy community - anchored in respect and trust - is the surest path to success for all our students. To this end, in 2017 we will continue to focus on four themes to sustain and enhance the health of our community:1) Sustainable Practices; 2) Inclusion, Participation and Belonging; 3) Safety and Security: and 4)Infusion of Intercultural Mindsets and continued development of intercultural competencies.

    As we continue to move forward we will aim for the highest quality dialogue as we work together to ensure a school enviorhnment that will enable all students to reach their full potential.


    Superintendent of Schools