Senior Option Program

    Early Graduation

    Students will have the option to double up in English in their junior year and receive a diploma after the junior year. Students do not have to take an extra PE class, for the requirement for PE is for 3.75 credits for each year of attendance.

    Early College Program

    Students will take a minimum of 15 credits at CCM the second semester of their senior year and will receive high school and college credit.  They will do option II for PE and document it through a signed journal.  They will return to MHS for one block per week for a seminar.  Students will receive ½ year credit for full year courses they are taking in the fall. Grades will be frozen at the mid-year point. They must get written permission from the colleges to which they are applying.

    Leave Early

    Seniors who have met graduation requirements make take less than 40 credits.  Their schedule will be adjusted so that any free periods would occur at the end of the school day. Leave Early is only in effect for Block 4A or 4B or both and will be entered on their schedule. There will be no late arrivals.

    Career Internships ( Full Day/5 Weeks)

    All seniors will have the option of ending their classes after the end of AP exams.  They will submit an application detailing a career internship that is unpaid, is supervised by an adult other than their parent and is connected to a potential career interest. Students will complete a daily log and a final presentation.   Applications will be available the spring of the students senior year.