• World Language

    At the Morris School District, the K-12 World Language program focuses on engaging, student-centered learning through authentic, culturally relevant content.  Fundamental goals of the program include fostering an appreciation of and an understanding for other people, their culture, as well as their language.

    Spanish is the world language offered at the K-5 grade level. Our young learners are introduced to the language through the use of Rosetta Stone's thematic units and interactive lessons to develop a beginning level of vocabulary acquisition. The teacher acts as a guide during interactive instruction and independent practice. As students work toward basic literacy in the target language, they are developing interpersonal skills and vocabulary which allows for beginning or basic active negotiations and dialogue. They gain an appreciation of other cultures and extend their interpersonal skills in the target language. In addition, the program fosters an interest in world language and cultures.
    Additionally, our district offers a wide range of languages at the 6-12 level: French, Spanish, Latin, Chinese and Italian.  Exposure to a world language prior to graduation from high school is of fundamental importance to a well-rounded education, as well as being a graduation requirement. Use of the Morristown High School Language Lab and other online language learning tools helps teachers to facilitate the exploration of culture and language at every proficiency level. In today’s global marketplace, it is more necessary than ever to have proficiency in a language other than English.