• Social Studies

    The primary objective of the social studies program is to prepare students to become thoughtful individuals whose academic experiences and skills will enable them to function successfully in a complex, multi-cultural, and changing world. The social studies program must provide students with an intellectual framework of knowledge, the skills necessary to process information, and the capacity to understand and appreciate people from backgrounds and cultures different from their own.
    Through the implementation of a wide range of teaching methods, we challenge our students to go beyond the content, to be critical and creative thinkers, reflective learners, information gatherers, and problem solvers. It is further understood that students can only learn history by "doing" history. Students must be active participants in the educational process, examining primary and secondary data, debating, role-playing, identifying and considering critical questions and drawing their own conclusions through a process of critical thought.

    Broad themes for the students in the Morris School District are broken down by grade level and reflect an integrated approach to the teaching of social studies

    K Self & Family/Home & School
    1 Family and Neighborhood
    2 Morristown and my Community
    3 New Jersey
    4 Regions of the United States
    5 Many Worlds Meet- United States History

    Through the middle and high school grades the study of Eastern and Western World focuses upon ancient cultures, community beliefs and values of international societies that have shaped past events and create links to their resulting impact on today’s world. The theme of social justice is carried on into high school with an in-depth study of US history and global issues. Many elective courses are available to our students in grades 9 through 12 which can be found in the Course of Studies Handbook.