• Mathematics

    The Morris School District math curriculum is based upon the National Common Core Standards and framed by a research base that supports the success of every child. Our K-5 schools utilize the Everyday Mathematics series to bring the curriculum to life. As such mathematics is an enriched, comprehensive, and balanced experience that teaches the foundations of numeracy. Students learn computational skills as well as a broad range of mathematical concepts including data analysis, geometry and spatial sense, measures and measurement, algebra and the use of variables. Plenty of attention to computational and arithmetic skills is provided while meaningful problem solving is woven throughout the classes taught.

    Our middle school math curriculum moves through a series of texts, addressing concepts through appealing and engaging problems. The curriculum focuses on the applications of key math skills to solve multi-step problems as students observe and generalize patterns and relationships which is a process vital to acquiring a solid understanding of mathematical ideas. Further options are presented during grade seven with an honors program offered for the most capable of students. Eighth grade math courses continue to develop the major themes of geometry, measurement, statistics, probability and algebraic reasoning concepts. We also have within the design an Algebra Honors program that introduces students to the concepts of algebra in a college prep program. In general the scope of mathematics in the middle grades expands students’ mathematical knowledge through a variety of activities that include reasoning, problem solving and communication.

    The Morristown High School math program is framed by an innovative curriculum which draws upon an understanding that technology is integrated throughout the experiences our students are afforded. In addition to completing New Jersey’s high school graduation requirements, students have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement courses which prepare students for rigorous college learning. As students progress through the math courses they are encouraged to extend reasoning and sense making habits, develop effective problem-solving strategies, be capable of monitoring their understanding and learn to work productively within a team thus exercising respect for a diversity of opinions. All of our students have the opportunity to develop life-long habits including the ability to self-assess, engage in critical thinking, extend creative approaches to problem solving, and become effective communicators who are capable collaborators seeking to discover and share creative solutions to 21st Century problems.