Library Media Studies

    The Morris School District Library/Information Literacy curriculum encourages andpromotes the love of reading as well as providing a program of interactiveexperiences leading students to be information literate, effective and ethicalusers and producers of information and ideas, as well as lifelong learners. Ourcurriculum strongly supports and is aligned with Common Core Standards as wellas the standards of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).Common Core Standards emphasize research skills which form the backbone ofinformation literacy. Being able to access and evaluate information is one ofthe most important skills students will need to have in order to be successful.Students need to be able to utilize and command a wide variety of informationsources. These skills are needed in every subject and content area but manyteachers don’t have advanced knowledge of these skills.
    Our students are encouraged to use a wide variety of print, nonprint, and electronic resources to develop critical skills in locating, accessing, selecting, evaluating, and using data to learn, think, and creatively apply new knowledge. Through a climate conducive to learning, the Media Center encourages and engages students in reading, viewing, and listening for understanding and enjoyment. By both integrating resources with the curriculum and providing a progressive program of study in effectively using library resources and technology, the Media Specialist works collaboratively to foster independent learning skills through information literacy programs that are supportive, effective, and vibrant.