• Health and Physical Education

    The district’s health curriculum covers the following topics: safety, personal health, hygiene, dental, nutrition, diseases, conflict resolution, stress, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, dependency/addiction/ treatment, relationships (friends and family), leadership, role models, puberty, pregnancy, parenting, fertilization, mental illness, first aid, fire safety, communication, decision making, planning and goal setting.
    In terms of physical education our students will develop overall physical fitness, game skills, and strategies in various activities. Emphasis is placed on lifelong skills. The goal is to improve the strength, speed endurance, and flexibility of the student; to improve the social and emotional development of the student; to improve the students’ knowledge of rules, techniques, and strategies as it pertains to specific sports; and to expose students to a variety of activities which will ultimately add in their search for life time leisure activities and to just have fun.