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Counseling and Crisis Intervention

Elementary School Counselors 

Each elementary building within the Morris School District has an elementary counselor (either a School Social Worker or a School Psychologist) who focuses on specific social and personal issues that may affect student performance in the school setting. Counseling services are usually short term with clearly defined purposes, related to:
  • Social skills
  • Friendship
  • Separation or loss
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self esteem
Counseling sessions are provided to small groups or individuals. Parental permission is required for participation on a regularly scheduled basis. Teachers, administrators, and parents may ask the counselors to assist a student. Students may also seek this help themselves. 
In addition to these counseling sessions, the elementary counselors have a variety of other responsibilities with staff and students. They collaborate with teachers for projects or special activities involving whole classes (e.g. transitioning to a new school), and they assist with the substance abuse prevention program and after school homework tutorial for grades 3-5. The elementary counselors are available for crisis intervention when students and families are experiencing serious distress and may need immediate assistance and possible referral to community based agencies. They are familiar with a full range of resources and can facilitate the often complex process of gaining access to community social, medical and support services.  
Elementary counselors may be contacted by phone, email, or by mail through the main office at each elementary school.






Ms. Estephany Diaz


Thomas Jefferson

Ms. Dawn Wallace


Alfred Vail

Ms. Bryn Markovich


Sussex Ave.

Ms. Sandra Landaverdi 



Ms. Bryn Markovitch


Alexander Hamilton

Dr. Mary Ellen Dupre-Burns


Normandy Park

Ms. Cheryl Berek



Middle School and High School Counselors

Frelinghuysen Middle School and Morristown High School provide counseling and crisis intervention services through the Guidance Departments, the Student Assistance Counselors, and Child Study Team members. The Guidance Department at Morristown High School is also responsible for college and career counseling. The handbooks for both schools describe the specific services, personnel, and procedures for contacting counselors in more detail.

Crisis Counseling

In cases of serious mental health emergencies or when there has been a tragic episode related to students or staff in the District, mental health personnel from outside agencies provide interim counseling and consultation. Counselors from Morristown Memorial Hospital and other agencies have provided assistance when sudden, violent death has occurred. Follow-up assistance from other agencies also has been made available when loss or a tragic event has affected students and families.
Perform Care is the single point of entry for children and families in need ages 3-21 who may be experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties, developmental/intellectual disabilities, substance abuse, or trauma. Perform Care provides children and their families with counseling services, mobile response to stabilize crisis situations, behavioral supports, substance abuse treatment (up to age 18), respite care, family support, and care management for complex needs. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, 877-652-7624. Please click here for additional information. You can also access their website: