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     Program Options

    Program options for students include the following, which begin with the "least restrictive" and move in the direction of more restrictive options. 

    Preference is given to general education classes with supplementary aids and services in the school which the student would attend if not disabled. Such additional aids and services support successful integration and may include the following as examples:

    • In class support classes are available in all schools and provide support instruction from a special education teacher. This additional support from a special education teacher takes place in the general education classes.  The specific type of service for each student is determined through the Individualized Education Plan.
    • Out of class support or replacement classes are available in all schools and provide support and/or replacement instruction from a special education teacher. Students are usually in general education classes for portions of the day, depending upon their needs. The specific type of service for each student is determined through the IEP.
    • Self contained classes are located in most buildings. The preschool handicapped program offers special education and related services for children beginning at age three and continuing until they are eligible for Kindergarten.  Learning and Language classes are in place throughout the district and some schools have Multiple Disability classes that serve the needs of students with Autism and other significant disabilities, who cannot make appropriate progress in a general education class.

    • Out of District placements are made when a student's needs can not be accommodated within the District. There are a range of programs available in other public school districts that accept tuition students, and in programs administered through various agencies. Private schools approved for services to children with disabilities also provide specialized programs. Occasionally, the IEP Team places a student in a school that is an accredited facility, but not approved by the New Jersey Department of Education for special education services.

    • Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS©): The Morris School District partners with Columbia University to educate students in the special and general education settings. The CABAS© program offers a self contained program, grades preschool through 5 in two of our elementary schools and grades 6-8 in our middle school.  In addition, the Accelerated Independent Learner (AIL) model of instruction is also a CABAS© program that educates students with special needs and typically developing peers in the same general education classroom. Please see the link below for our brochure for a complete description of the CABAS© program offerings and click here to access the CABAS© website.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Jessica Neu, Supervisor of Pupil Services for additional information.

    • CABAS Brochure English

    • CABAS Brochure Spanish

    • Effective School Solutions (ESS): ESS is a program located in Morristown High School that provides therapeutic supports to students on an individual basis who may be experiencing academic, behavioral and/or emotional challenges. Please see the link below for a complete description of the ESS program offerings and click here to access the ESS website.  If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Duoma, Supervisor of Special Education at Morristown High School for additional information.

    • ESS Brochure English

    • ESS Brochure Spanish

    • TeenPride: TeenPride strives to help young people improve their lives by providing free individual, group and family counseling so they may build self-esteem, self-reliance and practice healthy lifestyles.  Our counseling program is centered at Morristown High School with intensive therapeutic services also offered at Frelinghuysen Middle School.  TeenPride provides individual, group and family counseling. The TeenPride staff consists of licensed mental health professionals, in addition to counselors with an expertise in drug and alcohol prevention and career counseling.  Our counselors work with students struggling with academic, social, emotional, psychological and behavioral issues.  Counseling takes place during the day or in the evening, on school premises, in a student’s home, or at a mutually agreed upon location. Click here to access the Teen Pride website for additional information regarding the organization and program.

    • Transition Skills Program at Morristown High School: Our Transition Skills Program is located in Morristown High School and equips learners with special needs the skills and capabilities they will need to develop a productive life outside of the classroom.  The program is based on the individual needs of each learner.  A variety of instructional settings are offered for core subjects such as math, language arts, history, and science.  In addition, students are offered the opportunity to enroll in our Transition Skills elective that offers weekly Community Based Instruction trips and a formal Structured Learning Experience or certification program once the students turn 16.

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