• Progress Reports


    The focus of the Morris School District K-5 Progress Report is on reporting and sharing specific information that communicates learning and progress towards the National Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for all other subject areas.

    Progress Report Components

    Page 1: Cover Page with explanations

    • I-Independently uses skill
    • P-Progressing and developing
    • E-Experiencing difficulty

      — Page 2: Placement on Reading and Writing Continuums

    •  “Instructional Level” indicators show established grade level skills and goals. 
    • Some columns span 2 instructional levels (3-4) emphasizing that some concepts do not become secure in a one year experience.

     — Page 3: Mathematics Progress Report

     —  Page 4:

    •  Listening/Speaking
    • Social and Emotional Development
    • Work Study Habits
    • Science
    • Physical Education/Health
    • Art
    • Vocal Music
    • Instrumental/Strings/Band
    • Media Literacy

     —  Page 5: Teacher and Parent Comments

     —  Page 6: Report Card Narrative written by the student

    •  How I have improved, what I am good at…
    • My Goals…

    Below are copies of the Reading Continuum and Writing Continuum, and other information to help answer your questions about our Progress Reports.