District Administration

  • Office of the Superintendent


    Mr. Mackey Pendergrast

    Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext 2010 
       Ms. Donna Karr
       Administrative Assistant to Mr. Pendergrast
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2010
       Email:  donna.karr@msdk12.net



    Ms. Debora Englefried

    Supervisor of Strategic Planning & Student Information Management
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2123    Email: debora.engelfried@msdk12.net



    Office of Curriculum and Instruction


    Ms. Kelly Harte

    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

       Ms. Phyllis Stec

       Administrative Assistant 
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2112
       Ms. Carla Dominguez
       Student Information Data Specialist
       Email: carla.dominguez@msdk12.net
       Phone: 973-292-2300 Ext. 2074 



    Ms. Josephine Noone

    Director  of Curriculum & Instruction
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2191
    Email: josephine.noone@msdk12.net 


    Department of Pupil Services


    Ms. Suzanne Olimpio
    Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services

       Mr. Margaret Nilson 

       Administrative Assistant 
       phone: 973-292-2300 ext 2040    



    Dr. Jessica Neu,
    Director of Pupil Services
    Phone: 9730-292-2300 ext. 2113

    Office of the Business Administrator/Board Secretary


    Mr. Anthony LoFranco

    Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2021

      Ms. Michelle Ferraro

       Administrative Assistant
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2021



    Ms. Joan Frederick
    Assistant Business Administrator 
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2024
    Email: joan.frederick@msdk12.net

      Mrs. Michele Dyer

       Facilities Use
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2042

    Department of Technology & Instruction


    Mr. Timothy McDade

    Director of Technology
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2004

       Ms. Maureen Walker

       Operations Specialist
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext 2004



    Ms. Erica Hartman

    Director of Technology Integration
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2047

    Mr. Ozzie Pardilla

    Assistant Director of Technology
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2004


    Human Resources Department


    Human Resources
    Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2037

       Ms. Margaret Mauro

       Administrative Assistant 
       Phone: 973-292-2300 ext. 2077