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    Hooty wants to show you all the cool things going on in our classrooms here!




     Art Enrichment Photo Gallery


    The 100th Day of School 

    100th day legos     100th day banner    100th day tangrams


    Mrs. Norman's Acid in Candy Experiement. Students used water and baking soda to see if Willy Wonka candy (Laffy Taffy, Gobstoppers, Nerds, and Sweet Tarts) has acid.  They determined that Nerds had the most acid in them because the water mixture and candy started to make bubbles and then lose its color.  They also realized that the Gobstoppers had the least amount of acid because the water did not bubble but they did notice that the color of the Gobstoppers disappeared.  

    candy experiment   candy experiment   candy experiment  

     candy experiment   candy experiment


    Math through Art Enrichment Class. Students made fish using protractors to measure the angles of the mouths.  After adding the eyes to their fish and other decorative features they all threw their them on the floor and went fishing using sticks with magnets attached to yarn.  They had so much fun!

    fish   fishing    fishing


    Mr. Jones mixing some math and basketball 

    hoops    hoops   

    mr jones   hoops

    hoops    hoops


    Mrs. McLain's Afterschool Club playing "Pilgrim Games."

    pilgrim games   pilgrim games   pilgrim games   pilgrim games   pilgrim games

    pilgrim games   pilgrim games   pilgrim games

    pilgrim games   pilgrim games   


    Mrs. Yorston's class and their "Boxcar Children" projects!

    boxcar projects

    boxcar 2   boxcar 3



    Mrs. Galvin's class did lots of fun activities for Wellness Week including a dance class, a nutrition visit from Mr. Bill, and a healthy picnic in the Ecology Center

    dance   mr bill picnic