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What Does a Virtual School Day Look Like?

Our immediate objective is to provide connectedness and continuity of instruction at each grade level through both online and offline assignments and activities communicated daily to students by their teachers. Our design will not require students to attend “live” classes online at specific time periods; attendance during any live sessions will be optional, and students will be able to view a recording of the session at a later time. We know it is important during the extended closure that students have the flexibility to complete learning experiences on their own schedule.  However, students will have access to teachers and counselors for guidance and support at designated times each day.

Students are expected to log in daily to their grade-appropriate online platform: CANVAS (for grades 6-12) or via CLEVER to access their Google Classroom (for grades K-5). Teachers will be monitoring online activity and will be available for help each virtual school day.  

Below is a more detailed explanation of a virtual learning day according to grade level:

How Do I Access My Child's Online Learning Platforms?