Each student will ascend

Mission, Vision, & Values

With feedback from multiple stakeholders--administrators, teachers, board of education members, parents, and community residents--the Morris School District undertook a full-scale organizational introspection to define and articulate what we stand for, what we aspire to, and how we will get there.  The result of this months-long exercise was a comprehensive strategic plan, The Way Forward.  The complete document may be found here:


It is the mission of the Morris School District to empower each student to ascend
academically, socially, and emotionally by providing equal access to continuous
opportunities for achieving academic excellence, developing meaningful relationships, and becoming future ready.

Graduates of the Morris School District will be equipped to live a
principled and productive life where they see their connections and responsibilities to local and global communities.

We believe in community integration, exceptional instruction, global competence, and student and community wellness, and these values guide our decisions and actions throughout the District.  

The Morris School District is committed to building and sustaining a healthy community based on a foundation of equity and inclusion.  Under the guiding principle that education is a right to which all human beings deserve equal access, our students will be empowered to seek and evaluate multiple perspectives, collaborate with new understandings and cultural proficiencies, contribute to our democratic society and the world at large with tolerance and civility, practice empathy and kindness, and respect the dignity of all people through their words and actions.  

equity & inclusion action plan