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District Communications & Publications

Superintendent Communications

Letters, updates, and celebratory news from the Office of the Superintendent to the parent community

Welcome Back and 2019-20 Initiatives 
Goals for communications and community relations, our award-winning newsletter, video of the MSD legacy, a historic preschool expansion program, and an introduction to our Pupil Services leadership team!

FMS Opportunities for Student Success
Future City winners, General Knowledge Bowl champs, smash-hit spring musical, #1 Girls Basketball Team, winter Band concert slide show, and more!

MHS Winter Achievements
Math Team superstars, prestigious invite for Wind Ensemble, Mock Trial competition, legendary season for Girls Swim Team, Unified Bowling sets an example, and news from our flourishing Humanities and STEM Academies!


Superintendent Presentations

A sampling of presentations to the Board of Education, the faculty, and the wider community

Communications & Community Relations

A Learning Organization = A Healthy Community, Part II:  Communications & Community Relations Action Plan
The MSD's mission, values, and action plan for a full-scale Communications & Community Relations program.  (Presented to the Board of Education, August 2019)

A Learning Organization = A Healthy Community:  Stakeholder Voice & Feedback 
Engaging in productive dialogue with our stakeholders and gaining insight toward continuous improvement.  (Presented to the Board of Education, July 2019)

Communications & Community Relations
The MSD's steps toward increasing transparency of information to date and our focus on communications and community relations as a district priority.  (Presented to the MSD HSAs as part of the Superintendent's "Feedback Forum" series on Communications, May 2019)

Convocation Addresses

Convocation 2019
The significance of "small moment" opportunities for instilling confidence in our students and helping them develop grit, growth mindset, and self-efficacy.  (Presented to the faculty and staff, September 2019)

Convocation 2018
How the MSD is fulfilling our mission to be the district we were called to be--one that is "proud of our past, poised for the future."  (Presented to the faculty and staff, September 2018)

Equity and Inclusion

The Architecture of a Coherent Vision for Learning: Equity & Inclusion as a Cornerstone of Impactful Student Growth in Grades 6-8.
How the MSD addressed and rectified a reading and writing achievement gap through the triangulation of improved school climate, elevated instruction, and thoughtful technology integration. (Presented at the National Press Club to the League of Innovative Schools, October 2019)

2020 Continuing District Priorities:  Equity & Inclusion Action Plan Implementation
Creating a more responsive system through specific operational and instructional strategies. (Presented to the Board of Education, October 2019)

Equity, Access, & Inclusion
Our comprehensive approach to establishing an equitable and inclusive environment to ensure each student feels a sense of belonging and success in our schools. (Presented to the Board of Education, December 2017)


Interoperability:  The True Promise of Education
The MSD's innovative vision for personalized learning.  (Presented at the NJ School Boards Association annual conference, October 2018)

Social-Emotional Learning 

MSD District Priorities & Strategies Update:  S.E.L.
Progress toward implementation of social-emotional learning initiatives.  (Presented to the Board of Education, February 2019)

2018-19 District Priorities & Strategies
The MSD's highest priorities for academic year 2018-19:  Health, Wellness, and Safety; Learner Positioning System & Social-Emotional Competencies; and Equity & Inclusion.  (Presented to the Board of Education, September 2018)

Student Achievement

2018 PARCC & Assessment Data
Contextualizing our student achievement data.  (Presented to the Board of Education, August 2017)

Student health, wellness and safety

2020 Continuing District Priorities: Student Health, Wellness & Safety
The many facets of ensuring a healthy community district-wide, and the "high-velocity decision-making" that underlies district actions in this central area.  (Presented to the Board of Education, October 2019)

Violence & Vandalism Annual Report
Annual and longitudinal data on violence and vandalism in the MSD and the district's HIB report card.  (Presented to the Board of Education, June 2019)

Social Media & Student Wellness
Our commitment to student and community wellness and our strategies for establishing system-wide practices to maximize student support.  (Presented to the Board of Education, January 2018)

Community Forum on Safety & Security
The MSD's multi-tiered initiatives to address safety and security.  (Presented at a community-wide forum April, 2018)

District Videos

Click on the title below to access the video.  Or check out our YouTube channel, MSDK12, for more! 

An Introduction to the Morris School District
Superintendent Mackey Pendergrast describes the unique and enduring legacy of the Morris School District.

Financing Excellence in Education: The Morris School District Budget, 2019-20
Learn about the people and programs supported by our district budget in this short video presentation by Superintendent Mackey Pendergrast.

The DISTRICT Newsletter

Biannual publication mailed to all residents of Morristown, Morris Township, and Morris Plains, featuring the latest news from the Morris School District and the Morris Education Foundation

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Important Announcements

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Two important changes to the MSD's communications systems


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Toward a "Learning Positioning System":  Interoperability and the Promise of Data in Service of Learning
Article in NJASA by Mackey Pendergrast and Erica Hartman on supporting the "whole child" by leveraging a comprehensive picture of student learning. (February 2019)

Four Steps to Achieving Data Interoperability in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
White paper by Panorama Education featuring the Morris School District's approach to using data interoperability to better support students' needs 


Strengthening and enhancing communications district wide is an MSD priority.  We have begun strategic implementation of a comprehensive Communications and Community Relations Action Plan that outlines our most critical objectives over the next several years.

Communications & Community Relations Action Plan

3-Part Mission of
MSD Communications & Community Relations:

Create and maintain a responsive system that supports open, two-way communications internally and externally to build collaboration, trust, and understanding among all district stakeholders. 

Promote district excellence:  broadcast the news, accomplishments, and initiatives of our students, teachers, and administrators in order to solidify pride in our schools, instill a sense of belonging to a cohesive community, and attract new families and top-quality employees.

Establish and reinforce an enduring district identity that resonates with our multiple constituent groups in order to clearly message our core values with impact.

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