Dear Morris School District Community, 

At the beginning of this year we started a discussion regarding our approach to "continuous improvement".  Of course, building upon past success involves many things, including clear values, focused budgets, sustained programs and the embrace of innovation.  Recently, through our State of the District public presentations, we have had great conversations regarding how we use data in the school improvement process.  I hope these two short video presentations can continue to add to our dialogue.   Our last State of the District presentation will be at MHS on May 17th,  at 7:00.  

Thank you, 

Mackey Pendergrast
Superintendent o Schools 
How Does the Morris School District Use PARCC Data to Continuously Improve?  
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How Does the Morris School District Use NJ Learning Standards to Continuously Improve? 
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What Important Changes did PARCC make for 2016?
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MHS Construction Project On Schedule
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