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What is the Board of Education?

Effective school board leadership:  The key to advancing student achievement

The Morris School District Board of Education is an elected, unpaid group of 10 citizens (5 from Morris Township, 4 from Morristown, and one from Morris Plains) who serve as representatives of their community.  The board acts as a single body to develop policies that govern school operation in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.  Above all, board members are responsible for and to the district’s students; they are responsible for ensuring that the education provided to the students is the best the community can afford.  Every policy they approve and every action they take must be based on what is best for the education of those students.

The role of a Board of Education is to see that the school district is well run.  It delegates authority for the district's daily operations to the Superintendent of Schools.  Individual board members do not exercise authority over or direct staff.  Citizens who understand the differences in the responsibilities of the board and the superintendent will be better able to have their concerns addressed.

The relationship between the board and the superintendent is one of the most critical factors in determining how well a school system operates. The board must trust its superintendent, have respect for his/her professional training and experience, be confident in his/her ability to administer the district, and request his/her recommendations on issues under discussion. The superintendent is the educational expert, responsible for advising the board, managing the staff and keeping the community informed.  In working together, both the board and the superintendent must be clear on their respective responsibilities.New Jersey School Boards Association provides a wealth of information on the responsibilities of board members and the parameters of board governance.  Anyone interested in running for the Morris School District Board of Education may wish to consult these resources:

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Board of Educations members are bound by a Code of Ethics, which stipulates the parameters by which they may operate:

board member code of ethics

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