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Integrated Science

Program Overview

The Morris School District implements Board of Education, New Jersey state, and nationally approved curricular programs in STEM fields of study at all levels of education from PreK through 12th grade.  STEM curricular programs are fully aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the NJ 21st century career and skill standards. STEM courses include options in Collegeboard Advanced Placement, Project Lead The Way certified programs, as well as college-credited opportunities at Rutgers University and Berkeley College. All curricular offerings include core classes in life, physical, and earth based sciences along with a wide array of STEM electives covering biomedicine, engineering, architecture, computer science, and research and design.

Instructional Philosophy

Integrated STEM in the Morris School District is a curricular program rich in science based core and elective courses that are reinforced with expert faculty, co-curricular extensions, professional partnerships, and field experiences. We believe that fostering student interests and passions outside of classroom time is essential to their growth and development.

STEM co-curricular programs are offered at all levels of education across the district. All co-curricular activities are aligned with STEM classes, connected to local, state and national programs and serve as conduits to professional networks and competitions. The MSD partners with national programs such as Project Lead The Way, Girls Who Code, Vex Robotics, Technology Student Association, The American Rocketry Competition and the National Society of Black Engineers. Co-curricular clubs continue to serve as a foundational pillar for integrated STEM in the Morris School District sponsoring over 20 STEM co-curricular clubs and programs.

The Morris School District is committed to bringing "real-world" STEM experiences to all students both inside the classroom and out in the field. Classroom extension programs are embedded into all learning levels from PreK through 12th grade providing the students with hands-on experiences in a live setting. All school buildings in the Morris School District house "out-door" learning spaces including sustainability gardens and ecology centers. Our STEM programs partner with many local organizations such as Grow It Green-Morristown, Urban Farms, and the Boy Scouts of America to extend science learning outside the classroom. Our secondary programs continue their field experiences through corporation tours, research work and university programs. Extending STEM education outside of the classroom is another main "pillar" of the MSD integrated STEM program.  


STEM Integration in K-12 Education

Grade Level Expectations

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Mr. Brian S. Young
PK-12 Supervisor of STEM Education

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