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NJSLA Individual Student Report Videos

Morris School District

Spring 2019 New Jersey Student Learning Assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics (NJSLA-ELA/M) Video Individual Student Reports (Video ISRs)

Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Morris School District is pleased to announce a new and innovative method for presenting parents/guardians with Individual Student Reports (ISRs) for the NJ Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) in English Language Arts and Math. This additional method of reporting and explaining students’ test scores has been devised in response to feedback from stakeholders during the two phases of outreach to the public conducted by the NJ Department of Education.

In addition to traditional paper ISRs delivered by schools, video versions of the ISRs are now available via an online Parent Portal (https://nj-results.pearsonaccessnext.com/login). The video score report communicates information from the ISR through animations and a voiceover in New Jersey’s five most common languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Arabic. The portal will also allow for parents/guardians to track their student’s scores from year to year, beginning with Spring 2019. 

The printed ISRs that were delivered to parents/guardians on or about September 28, 2019 included the claim codes that parents/guardians can use to access their child's performance results in the Parent Portal. Parents/guardians must create an account on the Parent Portal and use the claim code provided on the student’s ISR to add the results to their profile. Once parents/guardians create their accounts, they can add codes for additional students and/or testing  administrations to their accounts.  If you need a copy of the Spring 2019 ISR that was delivered in September, please contact your student’s school.

We welcome the opportunity to strengthen our efforts to effectively communicate your student’s performance on the NJSLA with you.



Mackey Pendergrast

Superintendent of Schools