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Program Overview

The Board of Education approved Mathematics curriculum of the Morris School District adheres to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards as the foundational core.  Instruction is based on developing mastery of the NJ Student Learning Standards. Teachers focus on standards based instruction to drive planning, implementation and assessment of student learning.  Additionally, a specific effort to utilize data in the planning and implementation of lessons, units, and assessments is a core component in the Mathematics programs throughout the Morris School District.

Instructional Philosophy

The Mathematics instructional philosophy is grounded in working to provide students a design that meets them at their level of understanding.  Tools and resources are utilized at all grade levels to evaluate student understanding and teachers work to learn and grow in connection with their level as well as the expectations of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Teachers are continually provided professional development/training to help them grow their instructional practice while also engaging in best practices for mathematics instruction.  The curriculum is the driving force for instructional design, but student needs related to support and enrichment play a major role in our instructional philosophy.  Much like the district vision and guiding principles, human relationships and an understanding of the needs of students are key components in working to develop a healthy and productive learner.

Grade Level Expectations

Mr. Michael Serra
K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics

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