Each student will ascend

Grading & Assessment


The Morris School District Assessment System supports our enduring aspiration that each student will ascend socially, emotionally, and academically through our schools.  Our system of assessment will assure that success in Morris Schools District classrooms and schools will be strong preparation for success in life.  Our promise to our community is that expert instruction will support high expectations for each student each day, manifested through grade-level learning experiences aligned to rigorous standards.  By implementing grading practices that align with research on learning development and child/adolescent brain development, with established best practices in education, as well as with our district priorities in equity and inclusion, we will strengthen student engagement, purpose, and academic achievement.  Assessments and grades will provide students, families and educators with accurate and accessible information regarding student progress toward curriculum goals so that the educational community can provide the support for each student on their journey to be exceptionally prepared for a meaningful and successful life.  

The Morris School District’s vision for grading and assessment is to support the development of the whole child at all stages of learning, PreK-12, through a comprehensive and holistic system that provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback from formative and summative evaluations to identify each student’s positioning and growth on a continuum and to assist the student, teacher, and family in formulating, monitoring, reflecting on, and adjusting learning goals.  This Assessment System provides stakeholders with actionable data regarding how and how much a child is learning and growing, which then enables the entire system of support (at the level of the classroom, school, district, and family) to respond quickly and appropriately to each child’s needs and help them ascend.  The Morris School District is committed to providing equal access to continuous opportunities for achieving academic excellence, developing meaningful relationships, and becoming future ready.  We believe our Assessment System plays a fundamental part in fulfilling these objectives. 

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