What is a skin if you are not so sure?

    • A vinyl skin on a piece of technology is like a sticker (that does NOT damage the device like an ordinary sticker could) that covers the outside of your piece of technology; in this case your district issued Chromebook. Here is an example of one: CB Skin Example.

    Can I put stickers, tape, glue, etc. other than a vinyl skin on the Chromebook?

    • NO...Anything outside of an official vinyl skin such the use of stickers, duct tape, tape, glue, etc. will be deemed unacceptable and could result in disciplinary action or the loss of your district issued Chromebook due to unrecoverable damage.

    What should I do about the district issued labels on my device if I purchase a vinyl skin?

    • Currently on your Chromebook, you have been issued two district issued labels that identify your first and last name and your student ID number. If you decide to purchase a skin (NOT A STICKER; an official SKIN), you MUST be sure that your district issued labels are visible in both spots on your device; the top and the bottom of your Chromebook. You MAY NOT cover them or remove them by any means. Additionally, once you purchase your skin, you will notice that the shape of your skin will fully cover your Chromebook. You are REQUIRED to permanently remove (cut a space) some of vinyl skin so that your district issued labels are 100% visible.  

    What happens if a damaged Chromebook with a vinyl skin needs to be sent out for repair? Will the vinyl skin still be on my device once it’s returned?

    • Most likely if your Chromebook needs to be sent out for repair or a replacement device is needed, there is no guarantee that the skin can be transferred from one Chromebook to another.

    What is a hard shell case?

    • Hard Shells provide a layer of protection for your Chromebook and come in a variety of colors. Here is an example: CB Hard Shell Example

    What is the difference between a vinyl skin and a hard shell?

    • Additionally, while Skins are pretty and allow you to personalize your district issued Chromebook, they are not protective. As an alternative, there are Chromebook Hard Shells that can be purchased that are about the same price as a Skin.

    What should I do about the district issued labels on my device if I purchase a hard shell?

    • Hard shells come in a variety of colors, however, if you decide to purchase one, it should be semi-transparent (see-through) so that your district issued labels remain 100% visible.

    What does FMS recommend?

    • If you want to personalize your Chromebook, we highly recommend looking at a Hard Shell versus a Skin as it will in the long run protect your district issued device. However, if you want to purchase Chromebook skin, you absolutely have permission to, but again please be aware that the district issued labels MUST be visible.

    Does my Chromebook have to be in the district issued case when I am not using it?

    • Finally, once the district approved Chromebook cases arrive, you will be REQUIRED to carry and keep your district issued Chromebooks in your district issued case when not in use regardless of how pretty and nice devices look in their vinyl skins or semi-transparent hard shells.