• Athletic Code of Conduct



    I hereby request the privilege of trying out for the________________________team. As a member of the interscholastic team, I agree to adhere to the conditions below in order to participate in athletics.


    Part One

    I will safeguard and properly care for all equipment issued to me. I understand that I am financially responsible for this equipment.

    I will adhere to the eligibility standards as established by the Morris School District. I will maintain an academic record that meets the grade level requirements of FMS as determined by the principal.

    I will follow the training rules code of conduct and practice schedules established in the sports that I participate. I will follow the discipline and attendance code established by the middle school administration and approved by the Board of Education.

    I will always demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. I will conduct myself in the appropriate manner when I am a spectator at an athletic event. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in suspension from the team. Repeated violations could result in termination from the team.

    For example: 1st violation: Season of 12 games or more 2 game suspension; 11 games or less 1 game suspension.

    I understand that hazing will not be tolerated, whether it is physical, verbal or sexual. Termination from the team will result immediately.

    I understand that I may not participate in any practice or competition during the period of any school suspension, nor am I permitted to attend any athletic event representing Frelinghuysen Middle School.


    Part Two

    Student-athlete will not use, sell, possess or distribute alcohol drugs, tobacco, or weapons at any time. I understand that the violations of this agreement will result in the following penalty:

    1. Penalty for 1st violation/offense of using, selling, possessing or distributing alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons:

    • 5-day suspension of practices and games, with a minimum 2-day reinstatement period prior to playing again. Athlete is not allowed to attend practices or games during this time (5-day suspension begins after meeting with the athletic director).
    • During this suspension, the student-athlete is required to meet with the student assistance counselor. After meeting with the counselor, the athlete must return an "Athletic Reinstatement Form" to the athletic director prior to being reinstated. Once reviewed, parents, athlete and the coach will be notified.

    2. Penalty for 2nd violation/offense of using, selling, possessing or distributing alcohol, drugs, tobacco or weapons:


    • Student-athlete will lose the privilege to participate for the remainder of the current season.
    • An athlete must be reinstated before participation in another season it permitted. The student-athlete must adhere to the following procedure:
    • The student-athlete's name will be referred to the core team for evaluation.
    • The student-athlete and parents must submit a formal request in writing to the athletic director in order to be considered for reinstatement.
    • A review committee, consisting of the athletic director, assistant athletic director, a guidance counselor, a member of the core team, a member of the child study team, and a coach will determine whether participation in athletics will be permitted.


    Any further violations during athletic participation at Frelinghuysen Middle School may result in immediate forfeiture of your athletic privileges.


    *If a violation should occur towards the end of a season, the penalty will carry over to the following season of participation.

    *Athletic penalties shall not run concurrently with school penalties. Athletic penalties shall begin when students return to school.


    A student-athlete will not be permitted to participate in practices, scrimmages or games unless he/she and a parent have signed the Code of Conduct. These signatures represent the belief, understanding and commitment to this athletic Code of Conduct. This code has been designed to help our athletes develop and present a positive role model in society.


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