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    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy @ Morristown High School

    The MHS STEM Academy currently houses approximately 300 students within Morristown High School.  STEM Academy students participate in many core enrichment activities including field experiences, professional speakers, mentors, and a new STEM Academy summer program here at MHS.  The STEM Academy offers a four year program of studies designed for students who have demonstrated success in mathematics and science and have expressed an interest in pursuing a STEM career.  Students begin their journey by enrolling in an Integrated STEM course that targets an integration of science literacy, research skills, and engineering design while exposing the students to the vast array of STEM careers.  Students also need to successfully complete all academy requirements, including community service hours,a full STEM elective pathway and an integrated STEM capstone project.  The STEM tracks offered are: Biomedicine, Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Sustainability, Research Science and Computer Science.


    Professional Speakers and Mentoring

    The Academy hosts professional mentors and speakers who work in a technical field that requires the application of mathematical or scientific concepts.  In addition, students have the opportunity to shadow professional mentors while being exposed to career programs during the school year and throughout the summer.  These speakers help Academy students to understand what real scientists do in their workplace, and they offer pathways to potential career pathways for scientists and engineers.

    Science Research

    The Academy offers a research program that allows students to learn the principles of research, and to engage in original research projects and competitions.  This rigorous course is offered to students in the general population of the high school in addition to academy students. Students who complete research projects compete in a number of science fairs throughout the state.


    The MHS STEM Academy

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    All STEM Academy Information and Applications can be found on the district STEM website: 

    Morris School District STEM Website

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