10th Grade Planning Timeline

    All Year

    Students are encouraged to continue to achieve at their highest level. They should stay in touch with their counselor, as needed.
    Counselors meet with their students on an individual and group basis throughout the school year. The purpose of these meetings is to help counselors and students get to know each other and share important information.
    Counselors follow up with students based on progress reports, report card status, attendance, etc.
    Students continue to build on their base of experiences outside the classroom. Students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities for which they have a passion (i.e.: clubs, performing arts, athletics, enrichment programs and community service). New and different activities can be explored in order to develop the interests they are passionate about. It is advisable to make a commitment to at least one or two major activities. If there is a particular college major or career that the student has an interest in, it is suggested that the student pursue activities that will offer some experience in this area. Students are encouraged to take on leadership positions.
    This is an excellent year to continue doing some career explorationand begin researching some colleges.
    TCCI/Naviance: All students and parents should have a registration code to be able to access this on-line system. If you do not, please contact the Department of School Counseling and Guidance Services. The program can be accessed from home or on computers in the library. Important information related to the Department of Counseling and Guidance Services will be available through Naviance. If Students/parents/guardians are not registered, they need to register as soon as possible.
    Naviance: Students should check Naviance regularly for enrichment opportunities that are on Naviance (ie: information on Camp Rising Sun, HOBY etc.) 


    504 and Students working with the Child Study Team: If they have not already done so, students need to be sure to ask their case managers or counselors if they need to complete an SSD form for PSAT, SAT, AP and ACT testing accommodations. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
    PSAT/NMSQT registration for the October test. Students are strongly encouraged to take the PSAT/NMSQT. Their counselor can help them make the best decision about this depending on their level of preparation in math and language arts. Registration will be handled in the Office of Counseling and Guidance Services. Tenth graders who take the test are not eligible for National Merit Scholarships. They must take the test again in 11th grade to be eligible.
    College Campus Visits: Students/parents/guardians may want to consider planning some unofficial college visits during high school breaks and vacations. If the student is ready, this is a good way to begin to explore colleges. If you do visit, sample a wide range of campuses: one small, one medium, one large, one city, one rural, one suburban, and one urban. Be sure to check out colleges you may not be familiar with in addition to well known and highly competitive schools. Using Naviance will help students narrow down colleges/universities that could be good matches for them.


    Bilingual Day (MHS – Saturday): Program focuses on the community services available for bilingual families and emphasizes graduation and school requirements.
    Morris County College Fair (Site: County College of Morris): Students/parents/guardians are welcome to attend to meet with admissions representatives from 150+ colleges, ask questions and learn more about what colleges have to offer. Information sessions are available.
    PSAT/NMSQT (MHS – Saturday): Students who are registered will take the test.
    Sophomore Night (MHS Auditorium): Students/parents/guardians are invited to attend this program which will provide an overview of academic planning, standardized testing, specifically SAT Reasoning, Subject tests, ACT and AP exams and steps to take toward the college admissions process.


    Students who took the PSAT/NMSQT receive their scores. Counselors will offer an information session to hand out test results and explain how to interpret them. Students are encouraged to analyze their results with their counselor to plan for future testing.
    Financial Aid Night (MHS Auditorium): Parents/guardians are invited to attend the Financial Aid Night presentation that reviews the college financial aid process. It is not too early to plan on how to pay for college.


    Naviance Presentation: (PAC meeting – MHS Library) Parents/guardians are invited to attend to learn more about Naviance and how to make the most of the college admissions search.
    Junior Night (MHS Auditorium): Representatives from a number of colleges/universities will offer a panel presentation. Sophomores/parents/guardians are invited to attend this session.
    January/February: Teacher recommendations for 11th grade courses are mailed home for student/parent/guardian review. If there is a question about the recommendations, the student/parent/guardian should speak directly with the teacher to determine why the recommendation was made prior to their course selection meeting with his/her counselor.


    February/March: Course Selection Meetings: High school counselors meet with students to select courses for 11th grade and review their four year plan. Students/parents/guardians should discuss choices so students are prepared to make their selections. Students are encouraged to choose courses that will challenge them, including Honors and Advanced Placement, when applicable.
    Summer Activities: Students are welcome to meet with their counselors to discuss summer activity programs (i.e.: study abroad, specialized camps, athletic programs, volunteer programs, and pre-college courses available on campuses).
    College Campus Visits: It is not too early for students/parents/guardians to start planning for some informal college campus visits during the spring and summer.


    The “S” Test is administered to all 10th grade students. Those students who do not achieve proficiency in Math and/or English will be scheduled for Plus classes (college prep courses) in 11th grade. These classes serve as a preparation for the junior year HSPA that must be successfully passed in order to graduate from high school.
    Student course selections will be mailed home for final review and changes.
    Students should check with their counselor about taking SAT Subject Tests in May or June if they are doing well in a highly academic program. When applicable, students should take the SAT Subject test toward the end of the specific course.
    March/April: AP Exams: If appropriate, students register for AP exams.


    Students/parent/guardians must finalize course selection.
    AP Exam registration.
    ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery) (MHS-daytime): The ASVAB is a career/vocational inventory that students will have the opportunity to sign up for and take with no obligation to enlist in the military. Once the inventory is scored, students meet with their counselor to discuss results and ideas for possible careers to pursue for post graduate studies.
    SAT Subject Tests: if applicable, students should register for the May tests.


    Advanced Placement Exams: Students who are registered will take the exams.
    SAT Subject Tests: If applicable, students should register for the June tests.


    SAT Subject Tests: Students who are registered will take the exams.


    Students should consider some summer opportunities (i.e.: internships, summer enrichment programs, sports, community service, employment, and pre-college courses).
    If appropriate, students can take an SAT or ACT Prep course or review for PSAT testing in the fall. Please consult with your counselor to set up a testing timeline in order to plan accordingly for a test prep course.
    Confirmations of course schedules are mailed home in late summer. It is important for students/parents/guardians to review the schedule to make sure there are no errors or omissions. If corrections need to be made, please contact your counselor.
    Students must complete all summer reading and/or assignments prior to the first day of school.

    Please note: This planning timeline is intended to be used as a general guideline. Activity timelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Department of Counseling and Guidance Services.

Last Modified on August 12, 2014