• The Humanities Academy @ Morristown High School


    The MHS Humanities Academy currently houses approximately 70 students across 4 grade levels. The Academy students take part in an experience over 4 years that teaches them the intricacies of the Design Thinking Process and culminates in a Senior Project that is shared with the Morristown community and beyond. Students begin by learning about the fundamentals of Design Thinking, and move on to practicing the process and conducting in-depth self-directed research projects. The skills and habits of mind learned in the Academy are aligned with any possible problem students could face in their academic or professional lives. Students will need to complete the prerequisite classes in order to advance through the program.


    A core value of the program is an emphasis on. and practice of, Mindfulness. Mindfulness is key to attending to the different aspects of the Design Thinking process, and we start this by providing guided Mindful Meditation practice to begin each session.

    Course Progression

    Year 1: Introduction to Process Thinking

    Year 2: Application and Experimentation

    Year 3: Action Research

    Year 4: Workshop


    Essential Skills

    Authentic Research

    Domino Project


    The Humanities Academy

    Want to learn more?

    Please contact MHS Humanities Academy Teachers:

    Mr. John Madden: john.madden@mskd12.net

    Mr. Matt Daly: matt.daly@msdk12.net

    Dr. Cynthia Laudadio: cynthia.laudadio@msdk12.net

    Or the Program Director:

    Mr. Michael Lockman: michael.lockman@msdk12.net