The Humanities Academy provides an innovative path that may lead some to discover a passion they didn’t even know they had. The academy offers students a chance to explore multiple avenues of interest to build one cohesive argument and thesis in an area of their interest. The goal is to create meaning which carries cultural significance as well as value in one’s own life. Students will forge unlikely connections and pose meaningful questions in an effort to encourage thoughtful and deliberate living. The academy will focus on the idea of “play” and what humans can learn from fun and thought-provoking experiences. Students will begin to consider the “how” and “why” of their learning, not merely the “what.” We will think about audience, intention, and meaning as valid parts of completing a process or assignment. An integral component of the academy will be research; through the garnering of information from a plethora of sources students will be poised to make decisions about both the relevance of the information they find and the need to conduct their own authentic research. From this paper, students will generate a creative, engaging, and stimulating representation of their research. Such projects can include but are not limited to: videos, painting, sculptures, broadcasts, performances, etc. Students’ will find that their studies of wonder, creativity, focus, and empathy will lead them to the manifestation of a self-generated product.