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Attention MHS AP Students

Attention MHS AP Students
Registered to Take AP Exams

Morristown High School will administer
AP Exams on Monday,  May 1 through  Friday, May 12, 2017.

Morristown High School will maintain a regular bell schedule throughout testing.

Students should consult their AP Super Pass for their AP Exam, Date, Time, Location and required materials to bring to the exam. Students must report to 8:00 am AP Exams at 7:40 am; 12:00 pm AP Exams at 11:40 am and 2:00 pm AP Exams at 1:40 pm.  A Photo ID and AP Number Card are required. Electronic devices and backpacks are not permitted.  Drink/ light snacks will be permitted during break time only. AP Exam administration and security procedures are in place to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.


Good Luck on your AP Exams.