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Magnificent Mural Brightens FMS Cafeteria

 Posted April 3

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world  Thanks to generous funding from the Frelinghuysen Middle School Home and the Morris Educational Foundation a colorful and expressive mural now welcomes students to the school’s cafeteria.


The initial planning for the mural began last spring when students, parents, and staff came together to create a legacy project that would beautify the building and celebrate the unique and vibrant spirit of the school community.


All stakeholders were surveyed to generate ideas for themes that that best convey daily life in the 1,100-student sixth-through eighth-grade school. The most common themes that emerged were “diversity” and “relationships.”


Diversity was noted and celebrated because of the diversity of people who make up the FMS community, as well the diverse and expansive academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities available to students.  Relationships were noted because of the strong bonds of friendship and support that are created between and among students, faculty, and staff.


Once the themes for the mural were identified, administrators and parents met with the artist, Carol Law Olmstead, to review her proposals and sketches. These were refined and incorporated in the final product.  


All 6th-grade students then spent one class period working with Ms. Olmstead to help paint the mural.  In addition to students, many FMS teachers, staff members, and parents joined the effort to bring the images to life.


Students, staff, and parents agree that the final product expresses the many aspects of FMS that make it special. “I really like how the mural shows the different themes that are part of our school, like the arts, music, sports, and different people,” said sixth-grade student David Goldin. Classmate Isabella Singleton agreed, noting, “I love that the mural shows how we all are unique and have different backgrounds and interests.”


“This project was a labor of love which has beautified our school and strengthened our school community,” said Principal Joseph Uglialoro. “We are grateful to the FMS Home and School Association, the Morris Ed Foundation, and Riccardi Brothers Paining in Morristown for their support of this meaningful and lasting tribute to our school community.”

                                                                Parents & Students join Mr.U to cut ribbon for FMS mural

Helping with ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the FMS mural are H.S.A. co-presidents Lucy Weber and Gale Grennan; students David Rodin, Natalie Rosenthal, and Carol DePaz; Principal Joseph Uglialoro; Cultural Arts chairs Tracy Fox and Rose Ann Haberman;  and Chrissie Wetherbee, Associate Executive Director of Morris Educational Foundation.