Registration Procedures and Forms

Children who reside in Morristown or Morris Township may be registered to attend the Morris School District for grades Pre-K through 12. Students who reside in Morris Plains may be registered to attend Morristown High School (9-12). Morris Plains students must obtain a confirmation of residency form from the Morris Plains School District (973-538-1650) prior to registration.
Kindergarten Registration Procedures for the 2015-2016 School Year
Registration for kindergarten for the 2015-2016 school year will take place on Mondays through Fridays from February 2 to March 2. General information, dates, locations and times of registration may be found HERE. Registration forms may be found HERE. Registration forms should be completed prior to registration. 
Los formularios para inscripción de kindergarten es ICI
Registration procedures for students transferring to Morris School District from another school.
Students who are transferring into the Morris School District from another school district may begin the registration process at any Morris School District School. The incoming student must be present during the initial registration process and parents must provide proof of residency* (copy of lease or mortgage statement plus two utility bills in name of parent/guardian) in Morristown or Morris Township (grades Pre-K-12) or Morris Plains (grades 9-12); child's birth certificate (raised seal); child's immunization records. After the school has reviewed paperwork and determined that all necessary information has been provided, an appointment will be scheduled to complete the registration process.
In order to simplify the initial registration process, the following forms should be downloaded and completed prior to registration: 
Required Registration Forms - English:
Required Registration Forms - Spanish
* If the parent/guardian does not yet reside in the District but intends to purchase property and become a resident within sixty days of registration, he or she may apply for permission to register the student through the Superintendent's office. Specific documentation, such as contract of sale, and provision of an escrow check for tuition, etc., will be required. Or, If the parent/guardian does not lease or own the domicile but resides with another party who owns or rents the property, the parent or legal guardian must submit a notarized statement from the person who does own or lease the property, indicating that he or she is residing there with the student.