The Morris School District Board of Education is comprised of ten individual members. There are five representatives from Morris Township, four from Morristown, and one from the Borough of Morris Plains. Representative from the Town and Township are elected by their constituents to three-year terms of office. Board of Education election are held on Election Day, the first Tuesday in November. The The Morris Plains representative is a member of the Morris Plains Board of Education appointed annually by that body to the Morris School District Board to represent Morris Plains on issues affecting Morristown High School.
Board of Education election is held on Election Day, the first Tuesday in November. On November 4, 2014, residents of Morristown and Morris Township will have the opportunity to select Board representatives for the January 2015 through December 2017 term. Mr. Leonard Posey is the sole candidate running for the Morris Township seat. Ms. Lisa Pollak and Ms. Terry Murphy are running as uncontested candidates for the two Morristown seats. 

Members of the public are encouraged and welcome to attend all Board of Education meetings. Generally, Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. A calendar listing scheduled Board meetings through January 2015 is noted below. Dates of meetings for February through December 2015 will be posted following the Board reorganization meeting in January 2015.  If a meeting date is cancelled or changed for any reason, that change will be noted below and on the home page of this website. The public portion of the meetings begins at 7:30 PM. Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the second-floor conference room of the Lafayette Learning Center, 31 Hazel Street, Morristown. A portion of each meeting is set aside for public comment.

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