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Letter from Mr. Frazzano

A Summer Message from Mr. Frazzano

Dear Sussex Avenue School Community,

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by!  Preparations have already begun, in many quarters, for next year.  The School Spirit Committee is already discussing action items for next year; believe it or not our teachers are already beginning to plan for the 2015-2016 school year with our rising 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Our HSA has already met with their new and returning board members to plan our school calendar and events to support our students, their families and our teachers.

As parents, however, our job is to plan for the summer!  I hope that while your family enjoys the slower pace, lack of homework, travel, and relaxation, you will find ways to keep your children excited about learning.  Last week your child was introduced to our Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.  Please be sure to have your children read each day and log their minutes online at  We are in a “Friendly” competition with Thomas Jefferson School across town to see which school could read the most minutes over the summer.  Make reading a priority for your family this summer.  In addition, find fun ways to practice math skills.  Check out the Tenmarks and Xtramath websites. These sites are free and your children are very familiar with how to navigate them to continue practice with their math fact fluency.   Play some of the math games your child has learned this past year, estimate the grocery bill when you go shopping and compare the estimate to the actual total, practice figuring out the tax on items you buy at the store, count the number of pieces of junk mail you receive in one week; the possibilities for incorporating math in your daily life are endless.  Encourage your child to write postcards when you’re on a trip, or keep a vacation journal.  Leave notes to your child in unexpected places, and encourage her to write back to you.  Let your child help you cook a family meal each week, and read a cookbook to find enticing recipes.  Figure out how to double the recipe, or cut it in half.  Be creative, and most of all, make learning fun!

Thanks so much for another wonderful year at Sussex Avenue School!  I know I speak for the entire faculty and staff when I thank you for all of your support as we navigated our way through another amazing and enriching school year.  Every year is challenging in its own way, but I know that by working as a community we will weather the storms!  I hope you all have a great summer; l look forward to seeing you in September.

All the Best,

Peter Frazzano

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The Sussex Avenue School logo “Reach for the Stars” was designed by Samuel Panko, class of 2008. As part of a contest at that time, sponsored by the Home School Association, Samuel’s design was selected and is incorporated in a variety of school materials. Samuel is currently attending Morristown High School pursuing his regular studies, as well as athletics (football, swimming) and Jazz (piano, guitar) and he continues to draw. Thank you !!! to Samuel Panko from the entire Sussex Avenue School.

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